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<p><span>Place under the length of your spine and expand your chest and ribcage to attain deeper breathing. This is a great tool to add to your restorative practice.</span></p>

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<p>This handmade in the USA bolster is an indispensable tool for pranayama practice. Placed under the length of your spine, it expands the chest and ribcage for deeper breathing.  The tightly stuffed cotton batting and beautiful, upholstery-grade fabric will give you years of valued use!</p><p>• Expands your chest and ribcage for deep breathing</p><p>• Upholstery-grade fabrics are durable and long lasting</p><p>• Can be used in Restorative Yoga practice</p><p>• Convenient handles on both ends</p><address><p><img src=”” alt=”” /><strong>H</strong><strong>ANDMADE – needs 3-4 extra business days to ship.</strong></p></address><p>Eco Properties: Handmade in the USA, cotton cover and filling</p>

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