Sukasana Cushion Prints


<p><span>It’s a travel meditation cushion, it’s a small, lightweight, versatile bolster, it’s a Sukasana!</span></p>

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<p>Our Sukasana makes a great portable meditation cushion. Made from upholstery-grade fabric and filled with organic buckwheat hulls, this pillow conforms to your contours for ease and comfort in  your cross-legged sitting posture. It also works as an on-the-go bolster to sub in for your Standard while you are our adventuring. All of our bolsters are handmade in the USA with love.</p><p>• Portable, easy-to-transport meditation cushion</p><p>• Upholstery-grade fabrics are durable and long lasting</p><p>• Organic buckwheat hull filling conforms to your contours</p><p>• Convenient handle for carrying</p><address><p><img src=”” alt=”” /><strong>H</strong><strong>ANDMADE – needs 3-4 extra business days to ship.</strong></p></address><p>Eco Properties: Handmade in the USA, cotton cover with organic buckwheat hulls</p>

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