Cotton Yoga Rug

This colorful, absorbent cotton yoga rug is traditionally for Ashtanga yoga, but is also a favorite for hot yoga, power yoga, and sweaty hands & feet! Use it flat over your mat, or try it folded as a meditation pad or prop.



Cotton Yoga Rugs are the preferred mat surface for Ashtanga Yoga, but yogis of any style can use these colorful rugs for asana or meditation. Made from 100% cotton, these colorful rugs are great for hot yoga. Use over a mat or on its own.

  • Absorbent surface, great for sweaty hands and feet
  • Fold to use for Shoulderstand or as a meditation pad
  • Cotton fabric is durable and long-lasting
  • Thick and sturdy, resists bunching
  • Use over a yoga mat or on its own
  • Latex-free


Made from natural cotton, biodegradable.

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Red Rock, Moab, Sonoma Desert, Caribbean Blue, Indigo Dream, Lavender Fields