Meditation Bench


This meditation bench will bring comfort and longevity to your practice. The design is a great alernative for those who cannot sit cross-legged.

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<p>Our Meditation Benches are made from beautifully finished birch plywood and feature folding legs for ease of storage and portability. The one-inch foam cushion that tops our bench is covered with durable cotton fabric that can be removed for laundering. A drawstring carrying bag with handle is included.</p><address><p><img src=”” alt=”” /><strong>H</strong><strong>ANDMADE – needs 3-4 extra business days to ship.</strong></p></address><p><strong>Product Features</strong></p><address>Portable</address><address>Folding legs</address><address>1-inch foam cushion</address><address>Removable, washable cotton cover</address><address>Includes carry bag</address><address>Handmade in the USA</address><p><strong>Benefits / Who It’s For</strong></p><p>Use for sitting meditation</p><p><strong>Size:</strong><span> </span>8″ x 7-1/2″ x 18-1/2″.</p><p><strong>Colors:</strong><span> </span>Olive, Plum</p>

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Dimensions8 × 7-0.5 × 18-0.5 in

Olive, Plum