2014 Salt Lake City Sanskrit Workshop


Saturday – 6th Septmeber, 2014 | 11.00 am – 2.00 pm


$29 Donation

Who should attend?

Yoga Teachers, Upcoming Yoga teachers, Yoga Students, language enthusiast

Why Study Sanskrit?

-Most of the useful literature is written in Sanskrit.
-Healthy and Free from diseases.
-Every vowel and every consonant in the original language had certain primary meanings, which arose out of this essential Shakti or force and were the basis of other derivative meanings.
– Studying new language itself is fascinating for that reason alone, one can learn Sanskrit.
– Sanskrit is a language for Humanity.
– Sanskrit is language of Emotion.

Course Content?

-Historical Details.
-Importance of Sanskrit.
-Different scriptures written in Sanskrit.
-Yoga and Sanskrit.
-Devanagri Script – Aksharas of Sanskrit.
-Vowels and Consonants.
-Writing Vowels
-Overview of Grammer.
– Mispronounced asana’s and sanskrit words.


Private Studio. Directions will be sent after reservation.