The gift of yoga


Yoga: a series of postures to help one achieve mental and physical tranquility; a Hindu philosophy; a means of exercise; a means of business. With one simple google search, we can gain all of these ideas and more about yoga.
But what is yoga really? While it can be broken down to the simplicity of different poses, I believe yoga can mean vastly different things for different people. For me, it has brought me out of a world of criticism and blindness and into a world of love, respect, purity for the mind and body, and peace.

I grew up heavily immersed in the world of ballet. As many people know, ballet is an art form that has been around for many years. Over these years the acute precision that is necessary in ballet has pushed so many dancers to self- criticism, self-hate, and thus dangerous means of self “improvement.” While I could continue down the road of the negative aspects of ballet, and many other activities that have become too westernized, it left me with the need to be in tune with my body and the desire to keep moving. Because of this need, I found yoga.

At the start of my practice, I was constantly focused on perfecting the asanas and knowing that I was the most flexible person in the room; I was always pushing myself and even worse critiquing others. About three years ago I finally began to realize that there was so much more involved than simply asana. There is a higher level of consciousness, a new way of seeing, a new way of living. Through connecting with my body to this new level, I began to move past this obsession with perfection and step into the yogic way of life.

I wanted to learn a more authentic way of yoga hence I decided to become a yoga teacher. What is most important for me at this stage in life is that I can grow in confidence while teaching and the understanding that I have a beautiful gift to share with those around me: the gift of yoga. Namaste!

Are you passionate about transforming yourself and your community? This traditional style of training encourages students to deepen their practice in order to find more peace and contentment within themselves.  As students find the benefits of yoga transforming their own lives, they will also be provided with many opportunities to serve their community and enhance the lives of others as well through this training.  As students move past merely the physical aspect of yoga into the deeper realms, they will find their lives to be transformed.
Our yoga training’s emphasis on self-discipline complemented by a supportive learning environment ensures that each student will have a life-changing experience.  If you wish to practice, teach, and spread yoga to benefit yourself and other people this is the training for you! This training is perfect for individuals with a desire to learn and serve!

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