Amanda Kahl

I started practicing yoga a handful of months ago and it’s been a daily part of my life ever since, I only wish I started sooner!  My first exposure to the practice was mistakenly walking in late to a more advanced yoga class at my gym. I grabbed a mat and attempted to join in. My head was spinning between which limb was where and all of the Sanskrit tossed around.

I was in a lot of unfamiliar territory, but the next day I went to a beginner’s class, and then another and another until I was back in the same session I once walked into clueless looking like a sore thumb.  I love the variety of folks you can find in any given session, and all of the different flexibility, strength and balance levels. It’s refreshing – the only physical activity I’ve encountered that is completely uncompetitive and respectful of individuality. The benefits yoga has brought me are countless; it has a lot to offer everyone and anyone. That’s why it’s hard not to want to join in the efforts of this organization, setting out to make yoga accessible to everyone. It’s addicting in such a good way. Let’s spread the wellness!