Is Modern Yoga Missing ‘Community Service?’

Yoga students learn that one of the key arms of yogic lifestyle is “seva,” or selfless, voluntary service. And while most yoga teacher trainings include this in their curriculum, many do not specifically encourage students to perpetuate yoga as community service.

Yoga For People believes that the world would be a better place if people who hold the keys to yoga – i.e. instructors, or even just informed enthusiasts – spread the practice to their own families, friends, and communities at large.

Yoga For People beleives that if every yoga teacher training (YTT) graduate offered just one donation-based yoga class a month, the community would see immediate benefits. Better overall health, less unemployment, less crime…the list goes on.Thanks to a group of 100-percent unpaid volunteers, Yoga for People does make a difference in the community, but through togetherness, even greater things can be accomplished. Our immediate dream is to see every local yoga studio offer at least one donation-based class, or at least one class where 100-percent of the fee goes to a yoga non-profit like Yoga for People (no one in our organization is compensated in any way).

Yoga For People founder Santosh Maknikar speaks to a yoga teacher training class at Salt Lake Community College about the importance of using yoga for community service. Date 29th January 2013 

You don’t have to be a YTT graduate to make a difference. If you have a regular practice, why not start sharing it with your family? Your friends? Then your community? If you live your yoga truth, you can educate people about it’s benefits & teach it, too. And one by one, you can help spread the peace and love that yoga brings throughout your entire community.

Yoga for People has resources available for those who wish to teach donation-based classes, so please contact us at any time. We know that a world made gentle by yoga is possible, and approaching. [email protected]

Thank you, fellow yogis, for all your beautiful acts of love in community service.