Pat Fitzsimmons

Yoga Therapist Pat Fitzsimmons RN RYT offers Yoga Therapy at our studio and also offers FREE YOGA for Cancer Patients, students with pain or physical challenges, limitations, and caregivers at Sentara Potomac Hospital in Woodbridge, VA, just located a mile around the corner from the studio. This link is sharing the Virginia Beach area, however the Woodbridge, VA area has not been updated on their website.
My name is Pat Fitzsimmons, R.N., RYT and I am a nurse and yoga therapist who specializes in yoga therapy for people with cancer and chronic illness. Yoga has recently been the subject of much attention from the medical community as the field begins to confirm it’s many benefits. For those undergoing cancer treatment, yoga is especially helpful in managing side effects of cancer as well as some of the more difficult emotional and mental aspects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. There is a common misconception that yoga is limited to stretching and practicing difficult poses. In truth, long before the physical aspect of yoga developed- largely what we see today – yoga was concerned with meditation and achieving of heightened states of consciousness. Related breathing techniques have also long been a part of the yoga toolbox. These practices and techniques are valuable in reducing stress, pain, fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety; improving both coping skills and overall quality of life.

Join me here at My BodYoga for specialty classes that will empower every student as this class integrates this dynamic therapy that will serve the needs one experiencing cancer, chronic illness, and pain. This class will offer a huge support to caregivers who want to nurture their own mind, body, and spirit. Let your soul be free to move mindfully while creating new found freedoms within the body.