Santosh Maknikar

Santosh Maknikar, Salt Lake City

Santosh was born in latur, india and moved to the united states in 2005. He has been practicing yoga since the age of 5 and from his love of yoga he founded  Yoga For People – non profit organization so that everyone on the planet can experience the healing benefits of yoga. Santosh has worked in information technology for several companies in india and USA. He is on the advisory board for dayan wardhini school and makni gram vikas nonprofit organizations. He currently works as a director of software development in salt lake city.


Practicing yoga provides health and mental well-being. I strongly believe that yoga in it’s many forms can ease many of our society’s ills including crime, anxiety, depression, addiction, among others. Yoga has something for everyone and can make a difference to someone who is seven years old and someone who is seventy years old. Yoga can help every human being. Read More