Volunteering my time each week reminds me what a joy it is to teach yoga – Rene Eder

Yoga For People Heroes Series 
Rene Eder
I started practicing yoga in 1999 as a way to exercise and reduce stress. I quickly realized the physical benefits of a regular practice. As my practice deepened I began to connect with the deeper emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. It keeps me
centered and at peace, I cannot imagine my life without it, it is one of the most amazing and transformative practices.
I enjoy sharing the gift of yoga with others. When I’m not teaching or practicing, I enjoy
being a mom, spending time with my family and being outside.
Through yoga, I have been able to get to know my true self. This allows me to be the best person I can be.
I truly believe yoga is for everyone regardless of their life situation. Yoga for People has provided me with an opportunity to make a difference in my community through the power of yoga. Volunteering my time each week reminds me what a joy it is to teach yoga, it fills me with gratitude. It takes a small amount of time and effort to make a large impact on another persons’ life using the
healing energy of yoga. Thank you Yoga for People for organizing these opportunities to
reach out to others and raise our collective vibration!
Volunteering Experience 
Teaching for Yoga for People has been amazing. The classes at Peace House have been
such uplifting, positive experiences. All of the participants are filled with gratitude
and peace; we look forward to our time together each week. I have especially enjoyed
bonding with women and children that I would not have connected with otherwise. We
share our energy, stories and struggles.