What You Didn’t Know about Mayor Ralph Becker and Yoga

“You don’t have to convince me of the benefits of yoga,” Mayor Ralph Becker tells us from the head of an impossibly big table in the middle of his stately meeting room.

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker promotes bike-commuting. 

“Well, because of the many benefits of yoga, we want to make it free – donation-based – for everyone,” responds Yoga For People founder, Santosh Maknikar. “Yoga studios are growing increasingly expensive – ”

“Not for me,” Mayor Becker interjects quietly. “I do it at my home every day.”

So began our first meeting with Salt Lake City’s leader, Mayor Ralph Becker. A champion of greening the environment one free-hybrid-parking-space and bike share at a time, we knew he’d be open to growing the availability of donation-based yoga in our community.

We are excited about working with the City in adding to the amount of venues at which Yoga For People volunteers will teach free classes, as well as the Mayor’s enthusiasm about our upcoming 12.12.12 event. We will make sure to update you on how this beautiful city manifests its support for free wellness.

It’s pretty obvious, Mayor Becker’s affinity for the practice. Before the meeting’s over, he tells us:

“I’m trying to get my 90-year-old mother to do it.”