Yoga and Cancer Recovery

I started yoga after I had a double mastectomy in 2012.  I went to a class called “Gentle Yoga.”  Having just went through a major erratic surgery, I thought  that “Gentle Yoga” sounded like something that would slowly help me to feel better.  Little did I know –  I learned there is really no different types of yoga.  Yoga is Yoga, even if it is namedLevel-1, Flow, Gentle  etc .   Some Yoga classes can be easy for some people and hard for others.

Yoga helped me to regain 100 percent movement again in my chest area after a few months of attending and practicing once a week.   I have fluctuated going between once and three times a week.  I am totally addicted to Yoga .  I can only go a few days in between classes before I feel its time to go back.  Sometimes as challenging as it may be, when I finish the class it is like aah!  I made it I can do anything now.  

I had to have reconstructive surgery after my initial surgery.  That is when I noticed the major difference with my practice as I was going on a regular basis. Then having another surgery where they disrupt your nerves and muscles is tough.  I realized how strengthening the muscles before and then after was much better.  My nerves regenerated and feeling came back faster, then the first surgery without my Yoga experience.  My recovery was so much smoother the second time, all credits goes to Yoga.

My mind and soul enjoys the “me time” and relaxation I find in the poses.  Whether I power through a hard class, or deeply stretch and push myself through a slower class, the result are the same. I am so glad I went and I feel  “I needed that.”

My mind is clearer and stronger too, now that I do yoga regularly.  I can stay focused and on task longer than ever before.  I am forever grateful to my yoga teacher Santosh Maknikar.

Tami Toone