Yoga Rave in Salt Lake City

A session of yoga was led by Santosh Maknikar from Yoga for People. To Maknikar, yoga raves are the perfect outlet for him to spread the Yoga for People message. This non-profit organization takes yoga to those afflicted with illness, addiction, and depression. Providing a free service to people who would otherwise go without the experience of yoga is important to Maknikar. 

The college setting fits in with Yoga for People’s ploy to end addiction. Drinking and drugs go hand in hand with the wild parties often found at the college scene and the stressful lives of students. Yoga for People and the AOLF want to highlight the power of sobriety through yoga. The two organizations also hope to show that the alternative practice of meditation is a way to release anxiety and have fun.

Following dancing and yoga, the night ended with meditation. And rather than stumbling home and waking up sick from drinking, party participants walked away with clear minds and happy attitudes.